11 Feb 2016

mLearning workshop_released 01/2016

MlearningDial M’ for mobile:  Alexander Graham Bell probably wouldn’t know what to make of a selfie, but he sure did envision the communication revolution mention less the learning kickoff with his telephone back in the 1870s…My, how Alexander Graham Bell would be so proud to see his invention tweaked and transformed into a mean lean communication, learning, viewing portable machine.
Mobile learning, or mLearning, is defined as the delivery of learning, education or training on mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PDAs.  MLearning allows training and support to be taken anywhere, making it flexible and convenient for companies to use.
MLearning Advantages 
The prospect of MLearning has created a long list of the advantages it can bring to a company.  One of the most obvious advantages is the flexibility and convenience of using MLearning and accessing information at any time – anywhere.  But MLearning also allows the content to be customized to the learner, and can benefit different types of learners (i.e. visual learners, auditory learners, spatial learners, etc.).  Since people take their mobile devices wherever they go, MLearning allows users to make use of their spare time, or ‘dead time’, such as while standing in line at the bank, waiting for the bus or even in between meetings/projects.
Advantages include:
• Convenience and flexibility
• Customized learning
• Makes good use of spare time
• Tailored to different learning styles
• Larger access to information
MLearning Tools
Technology has changed the way we receive information.  Computers have replaced reference books when it comes to learning new material, and now mobile devices are changing how we access information that has already been digitized.  One of the key aspects of MLearning is using these mobile tools to access new information for education and training purposes.  These MLearning tools allow learners to access the information needed from anywhere and at any time.  Many of the devices used have become a common household need, such as mobile phones, notebook computers and even MP3 players.  With technology on the rise, employees are more than likely to own at least one mobile learning tool they can use for future MLearning.
  Common MLearning tools:
• Mobile phone
• MP3 players
• Tablets
• Notebook/laptop computers
• Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
With our mLearning workshop, you will begin to see the importance and usefulness of mLearning in any organization. By absorbing the ins and outs of utilizing mLearning, participants will possess the skills needed to take advantage of this new technology, in order to educate employees and clients more efficiently.
Workshop Objectives:
• Know the meaning of mLearning
• Recognize different methods of mLearning
• Know the benefits/challenges of using mLearning
• Train other employees regarding mLearning
• Form an mLearning plan
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