27 Feb 2016

Prospecting and Lead Generation Workshop_released 02/16

prospecting and lead generationProspecting and lead generation is the method of making links which may lead to a sale or other promising result. But, If one were to define the terms “prospecting” and “lead generation,” what would they say? Would you admit that they’re essentially the same, a strategy that serves a shared purpose?  I wouldn’t blame one for doing that. The truth is that while the essential, and the learned definitions of prospecting and lead generation are similar, they’re far from interchangeable. In fact, the goals of prospecting and lead generation—and the situations in which one makes sense over the other—often vary significantly. But to the contrary, both strategies are important to employ in your business if you hope to maximize your potential return on new business development, and they should be executed uniquely by different people—lead generation by your marketing team and prospecting by your sales staff.
The leads may come from various sources or undertakings, for example, via the Internet, through personal referrals, through telephone calls either by telemarketers, through ads, events, and purchase of lists of potential clients. These and other events can become more easily managed with this great workshop.
With our Prospecting and Lead Generation workshop, the participants will begin to see how important it is to develop a core set of sales skills. By managing and looking at the way people interact and seeing things in a new light, the participants will improve on almost every aspect of their sales strategy.
Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify prospects
  • Implement both traditional and new marketing methods
  • Use the pipeline effectively
  • Educate customers
  • Track activity and make adjustments as needed

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