04 Aug 2015

The POWER of NETWORKING Within the Company_released 0815

Power of networkingGranted that networking is the key to sound business, which twists in, as much about whom you know as what you know—and that’s exactly why being a powerful networker is so important. But the power of networking versus powerful networking brings to light to the areas of business that are often ignored. Having your LinkedIn page open 24 seven, and accepting invites from everyone and in every language is external networking that most people are primarily aware of and despite putting their reputation on the line focus just on that. It is important to pay extra attention to internal networking, or networking within the company. To be truly effective, internal networking must be utilized throughout the company.
Mastering this crucial skill requires more than just schmoozing over cheese platters and exchanging business cards. With The Power of Networking (Within the Company), the workshop participants will learn how internal networking is changing the workforce. Through this workshop, the participants will gain a new perspective networking, and what benefits can come from fully utilizing and making connections with internal networking.
Workshop Objectives:

  • Define networking
  • Understand networking principles
  • Use networking tools
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Understand how to build relationships
  • Manage time successfully

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