READ Academy has a complete library of workshop-ready training materials for 100 plus one-day soft skills courses with new courses being designed on an ongoing basis as and when the industry demand. We at READ academy are committed to providing cost-effective, quality services to meet our client training requirements and assure that the training correlates to the needs of the industry. Our training sessions include state-of-the art and professionally developed lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, flip chart, handouts and other workshop activities designed for a one-day session. All of these professional training resources are based on the most up-to-date body of knowledge and carefully selected by subject matter experts. Our in-house consulting team then meticulously develops the actual training materials for classroom testing. This allows our instructors to focus on training delivery. All the one-day workshop modules includes the following:

  1. Training Manuals for each delegate with course objectives, Icebreakers, energizers, and other workshop activities to heighten the effectiveness of training sessions when targeted to the lesson topic and the overall needs of the participants. Icebreakers can be used to introduce or reinforce lesson topics, enhance teamwork, and create an interesting and fun learning environment. Additional workshop activities and exercise files are provided for easy reference. These are extremely useful when customizing workshops for specific groups, or to maintain the workshop timelines.
  2. PowerPoint slides presentation embedded with videos compliment the instructor-led training experience and provide an excellent summary of training concepts in point format. Flip chart notes are also available as an alternative for workshop training.
  3. Quick Reference Sheets are powerful Quick Reference sheets are an excellent take away from any training program or as a stand-alone desktop reference tool.
  4. Audio workbooks for leaning on the Go, complimentary E-book on select soft Skill topics and assessment tools accompany each course.
  5. Usage of real life examples, case studies, and stories based on the instructor’s industry experiences that are relevant to the group.
  6. Recommended reading list.
  7. The Certificate Of Completion is meant to publicly acknowledge the effort and expense invested by participants in the completion of the training workshop. 

For additional information, concerns or enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Please fill out the enquiry form and email the completed form to:

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