10 Mar 2021


Emotion Intelligence helps you to take right decision at correct time,
Emotion Intelligence helps you to take right decision at correct time,

Soft Skills taken are smart’ skills that will help you keep the job as opposed to technical hard’ skills that will help you get the job; accepting the above, would you weigh Emotional Intelligence (EI) high on the list of the soft skills and if so, would organizations be able to unlock their soft potential to focus on the ‘EI’ as a basis for achieving competitive advantage.

Let’s start with Time Management (TM) as a soft skill which amongst other habits focuses on overcoming procrastination and getting on with important tasks as a mental and physical skill. As such, the habit is learnable through practice and repetition until it locks into your sub conscience mind and becomes a permanent part of your behavior.

Furthermore, major reasons behind procrastination as a habit is the lack of clarity, competence & confidence in an individual which directs towards his or her cognitive ability.  You’re Return on Energy (mental physical & emotional is directly proportional to your cognizance. Hence TM as a basic soft skill links with EI.  Major reasons given behind procrastination are a lack of clarity, confidence and competence which can be mastered by improving your cognitive ability.

Let’s talk about Stress Management (SM) as a soft skill and before looking at stress reducing strategies, may I quote Socrates who said that “An unexamined life is not worth living”.  Yet another, historic connection with EI!  So what is EI and is that it? Well, there more….!!!

Take for instance, Sustainable Development, ‘the ability of the current generation to meet with the demands of the future generation without having to pay a cost’ or the domain where the economic, political & ecological domain meet.  Simply put, What if there was a soft tool that could help countries avoid war and heal refugees’ situation, help different communities understand each other and to work more closely together and, care more about their environment and be a better global citizen?  This soft’ is what I am talking about and needless to say – it’s called Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ).

To know more about systems thinking and its approach to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace and in everyday life, sign up for an introductory free webinar by sending your request to the contact@readacademy.netThe 12 module, interactive, case study-based webinar ‘Emotional Intelligence: A Systems Approach to effectively apply intelligence based on emotions to navigate through coronavirus pandemic will introduce ideas and techniques for increasing and understanding their Emotional Intelligence. These skills are widely desired by all employers as these employees are better communicators.  They are better at developing relationships and have useful conflict resolution skills which are useful in every workplace.