15 Sep 2015

Improving Self-Awareness! A new soft skills module that will change the lives of many!

increasing self-awarenessWhat do John Travolta and Kevin Bacon have in common? ‘Dance’ and maybe ‘self-awareness’ and before we further on the Hollywood legends let stake building self-awareness.
‘Improving Self-Awareness’ is an amazing new course developed at READ!  It’s all about developing an understanding of your own feelings and emotions. Self-awareness examines your physical, emotional, and psychological self.  The participants will identify ways of recognizing all of these and improving each through various cognitive and learning styles. Even more importantly, they will learn how to use this insight to better relate with others.  They will learn to improve self-control, reduce procrastination, and develop effective mood management techniques. And using these strategies to improve relationships and create a more fulfilling life. These changes will in turn translate into a wholly improved workforce. Stress will decline and productivity will increase as internal turmoil evaporates.
The specific training topics covered in this new course will include:
•exploring “the self” (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual)
•the physical self (scanning, progressive relaxation, stresses, exercise)
•the emotional self (validity and utility of emotions, arousal, valence)
•mood management (emotional intelligence, categories of emotion, arousal)
•psychological self (thinking, learning, and personality styles, distortions)
•interpersonal awareness (styles, active listening, body language, transactional analysis)
•the spiritual self (mindfulness, meditation, positivity, gratitude)
•limitations with self-awareness (navel gazing, humility, empathy).
And back to looking at the groundbreaking legends or the movies that they first starred, both SNF & Footloose-box office hits from the seventies and the eighties, based on their moves were loved by one and all; however, Bacon dropped his moves to embark a career strategizing mainstream role profiles while Travolta continued with his style in Grease’ without ever taking notice that disco dancing and the glitter are to vanish.  Eventually, Travolta improved his self-awareness after many years of struggle & loss to eventually adapt to the mainstream acting…..,
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