16 Feb 2022


Let’s call it the ‘post-covid era’: although, the world continues to plunge into uncertain times and the virus too continues a threat, but it is also evident that the crisis will end soon and, by the will of the Almighty, humanity will survive. Schools across the globe were closed, students lost and the learning came down. In fact, a study by UNESCO says that almost 1.2 billion of students in 143 countries are affected by the pandemic.

But thanks to the rise of online learning during COVID-19 pandemic, students could carry on with their education. Schools, colleges, and universities were seen shifting away from the four-walls of their classrooms and taking advantage of the digital space. A recent study shows that educational institutions are willing to invest up to $350 billion on education technology by 2025. This includes tools like video conferencing, virtual tutoring, and, most importantly, learning management systems (LMS).

In line at READ Academy, we have crossed another milestone in the little time our company has existed expanding our footprint on the global arena and by launching an LMS system with state-of-the art tools to enhance our e-learning modules especially tailored for those global learners.  That said and in alliance with our partners BenchStep, we have also extended our understanding of integrating innovative areas and approaches with our flagship product SwiftHCM, an encapsulation of our LMS (as well as the HRMS).  Here’s some additional on the services offered at READ:


A learning management system – also known as an LMS – is an online software application used to provide eLearning. Having an excellent LMS is crucial to the success of your online training. Cloud-based learning management systems have become the standard for eLearning since they give you the ability to quickly add learners, track progress, and create detailed reports in minutes. A cloud-based LMS is simply a system hosted on the Internet that is accessed by logging into an online portal. It does not require you to install specific hardware or software in order to access and use it. Your LMS should allow you to easily scale your training delivery and be backed by a customer service team who will ensure you meet your training objectives.


When you purchase a course or a year of our LMS, you will get access to it via email, where there will be a link to take you to your login page. You will then enter your pre-determined login info to access the LMS.

Once you’re logged in, the first thing you will see is your training plan. If you are a trainer or a training org, this is where the courses you are including in your program will sit, and where your users will have access to them. You can add courses to a user’s training plan and/or Add Participants and off course customize training programs.


Under advanced settings you can add your organization’s name, upload your logo and eventually brand your LMS.  Branding your LMS demonstrates that you stand behind your content and that it accurately reflects your organizational values. It is a simple and effective way to boost the credibility of your training content.


Once you are logged in and happy with your customizations, you will want to add your learners. The number of users you can put on your LMS will depend on the plan you selected. Our LMS plans range up to 100 or more users.


When providing online training, it is crucial to communicate with your learners to keep them up to date on how the training process will work. Our LMS has a variety of email templates that can help you reach your users. Email templates include welcoming users to the system, assigning courses, and further instruction after course completion.


Our LMS is pre-loaded with our entire line-up of self-paced online courses on a wide variety of soft skills topics that will help you cultivate a more positive workplace. We have over 100 plus course titles such as Emotional IntelligenceCommunication StrategiesAccountability in the Workplace, various Microsoft Office courses, and more in user-friendly formats. You can view our full LMS course list here. Our courses smoothly walk your learners through each module using a variety of different media such text, images, and infographics. Furthermore, they provide practical illustration videos to show relevant examples that can help the learner connect the content to their organization. They also include quizzes throughout so your learners can check their understanding. This multimedia mix and interactivity increases engagement and ensures your learners are getting the most out of the training content. Not to mention with such a wide variety of topics from our tried-and-true training library already in the LMS, you have everything you need to provide effective soft skills training with just a few clicks.  You can also upload all of your own courses onto our LMS – any SCORM compliant course will work.


Certificates for completion of your training give learners proof of proficiency and increase the credibility of your training. Our LMS distributes it to your learners when they complete their training.  Here you can choose from the certificate we provide, or upload your own.


What gets measured gets managed: measure your learner’s success with the Report feature on our LMS by using our automated feature.

Additional features can be customized adding from our on-site workshops to have a blended version of learning that includes the following:

  1. Training Manuals for each delegate, Icebreakers, energizers, and other workshop activities to heighten the effectiveness of training sessions when targeted to the lesson topic and the overall needs of the participants.
  2. PowerPoint slides embedded with videos that will complement the instructor-led training experience and provide an excellent summary of training concepts in point format. Flip chart notes are also available as an alternative for workshop training.
  3. Quick Reference Sheets. These powerful Quick Reference sheets are an excellent take away from any training program or as a stand-alone desktop reference tool.
  4. Usage of real-life examples, case studies, and stories based on the instructor’s industry experience that are relevant to the group.
  5. Certificates. The Certificate of Completion is meant to publicly acknowledge the effort and expense invested by participants in the completion of the training workshop.
  6. Course related MP3 Audio book for training on the go and a complimentary E-book on select Soft Skills.

To learn more about our portfolio of soft courses and to register for the workshop or additional information on a specific module, please respond back with your choice of the pick and/or visit http://readacademy.net/softskills-training-courses/; to enable us meet your business requirements, please fill out the professional enquiry form at: http://readacademy.net/contact-us/.  If you have any questions, concerns or need an insight to our soft approach, please contact us at: info@readacademy.netand/or call us +966532874341.