30 Apr 2015

Noble Thinking

Author: Shah M. Siddiqui

The 2014 awarded Nobel prize to the South Asian pair seems a purposeful action by the peace committee given the last year’s award to a non-human. While the criteria may change, the decision to pick the pair seems strategic. Malala sound good but Kailash hitherto the unbeknownst; the award remains dedicated to the oppressed and just as the deserving Kailash getting his due credit many remain in the open for taking a gunshot not for once but for years and it wont hurt to remember those whose credit is due. http://www.arabnews.com/news/464915

For more than Malala’s age, Umm Amal fought and dodged, if not took the bullet, everyday only to survive and to be disowned by her own family. Has the amendment to being a victim and culprit been ratified? Even an offender who is a minor is treated separately in the court of law let alone the sympathy that one would deserve. The conventions need to re-visit Umm Amal or the conventional system itself needs a re-visit. http://www.arabnews.com/news/464915.