14 May 2011

Risk Management for health care professionals!

Risk mgmtRisk Management is now at the forefront of healthcare institutions and has become a fundamental component to protect patients, staff, business interests, and facilities.  It is also a driver for the development and growth of healthcare organizations’ through the better utilization of resources, increased satisfaction, and encouraging leaders to take calculated opportunities.  Knowing how to identify, assess and systematically manage risk, as well as managing our incidents is a valuable skill set for all healthcare leaders, managers, and clinicians. 
The Introduction to Risk Management Course provides you with industry standard knowledge on how to systematically manage incidents and risks in your workplace. The Workshop can facilitate experiential learning and equip you with how risk management principles can be applied to every day work scenarios. In addition to improving your organization’s culture towards safety and risk, this course will enable you introduce risk and incident management at your healthcare facility
Course Objectives:
·            Learn the difference between an incident and risk
·            Manage incidents & know your role during investigations
·            Know the different contexts in which RM can be applied
·            Know the process of managing risks
·            Identify and assess risks, with tools and techniques
·            Identify and support risk owners, risk actionees, and risk managers
·            Create and maintain active risk registers
·            Encourage a better risk & safety culture environment.
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