24 May 2018

READ v/s Twitter

Twitter_badSo FaceBook is to stay but never mind that.  As a LinkedIn netizen, I have often come across the phrase ‘this is not Facebook’ for some probable out of the context posts’.  As much as we value and appreciate content and encourage the added value, don’t we have the right to voice and stop the anti-content that is being posted.  So here is my question for today: why is there a no-stand against Twitter’ or any voice against the inappropriateness of what is being posted on Twitter. The micro-blogging site fancies one and all, does have a professional image the like of a non-discriminatory one where even politicians & ministers take pride on one front of it while ignoring the other which is not just a total immoral but abysmal.  The other side of Twitter that I am referring to is the permission that the site grants to propagate immoral businesses such as the sensual and related; Illicit tweeps that slip through the cracks to promote their product is one thing but the explicit images & videos posted by several thousands of those accounts on Twitter warrants the site illegal. Additionally, like no other social site, Twitter, for one, allows all kinds of immoral accounts to subscribe legally.  As if Internet was not enough of a media menace for parents and anyone concerned about young people or morality in general, free porn is now being marketed and Twitter is too open with the content of their site; simply and boldly allowing posting porn.
On one end of the spectrum stands READing’ which has incredible benefits and promotes mental health while on the other is watching explicit videos that is toxic and distorts the human mind causing a sinister effect on the brain.  There is no room for anyone to say such postings are not permissible and why is there not a movement to stop those immoral tweets from being embedded.  In fact, Twitter very conveniently allows new underage subscribers without policing them to sign up to these sites while other social networks actively identify people who are underage and remove them.  Although, most governments take all the care in blocking the immoral sites and has been relatively successful in blocking the contents but unfortunately not so when it comes to Twitter.
With the growing trend, many fancy in the Arab World for being wired and hooked on especially the youth and the sector is being awarded as the highest number of active Twitter user.  On the business side, the company seems promising to the general public and huge monetary investments are pouring in towards buying shares in Twitter.  When it comes to income, It does matter where the money is coming from and off course what the society cares about.  Are the masses so naive to be only seeing the one side and simply blinded to see the other and/or simply accepting it as a part of the deal? Could somebody please pull the plug off? 
# Immoral Twitter