04 Jul 2013

Soft Skills Training programs

On a quest to address every business training need, READ offers a gamut of training programs that becomes an opportunity for every organization difficult to pass. READ has a complete library of workshop-ready training programs for about 100 PLUS one-day soft skills courses: training manuals, slides, flip chart notes, handouts, icebreakers, activities, job aids, and assessment tools. All of these professional training resources are based on the most up-to-date body of knowledge and carefully selected by subject matter experts. Attendees also get promotional materials and e Learning versions (excellent for post-workshop follow up to maximize knowledge transfer on the job!).

All of our professional training programs are completely customizable designed to bring your employees to the next level – improving their overall job performance and satisfaction by teaching them the skills needed to improve your organization. Additionally, the training elements are not exhaustive, though is intended to provide a strong flavor of the breadth of skills and knowledge READ could potentially provide. For an organization that has specialized employee development needs, the programs are totally customizable and a new program can be developed using any of the elements, irrespective of category. For example, we can structure in depth programs that focus only on one or two elements, such as leadership competency and process activity mapping, or can cover a much broader range of skills to deliver a general working understanding. We work with you and your team to design training program that links your social intelligence & emotional intelligence with the skills relevant to your organizational issues.

We recognize your needs and thus have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s by allowing you to choose only the training that is relevant to your organizational needs. Your quest for Soft Skills end here as it cant get better than this…

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