In business, it’s fashionable to say ‘I love taking initiatives’ and I, for one, having heard that many a time simply cannot comprehend the truth behind the intent.  Whether you like it or not, talking taking initiatives is the corporate thing to do and seemingly a crucial step in moving forward in our professional and personal lives … For those ‘initiative’ enthusiasts, presenting a one-day workshop just so to cover the most about what you do not know and what you should know about initiative taking.  The initiative learning is further facilitated by the usage of Training Manuals for each delegate, Icebreakers, energizers, and other workshop activities to heighten the effectiveness of training sessions and the overall needs of the participants, PowerPoint slides embedded with videos, usage of real life examples, case studies, and stories based on the instructor’s industry experience that are relevant to the group, course related MP3 Audio book for training on the go and a complimentary E-book on select Soft Skills.
For a brief on Initiative taking, its an emotional skill defined as an attitude or act of anticipation and proposing a solution before someone asks for it but there’s more to it.  By showing initiative, it reflects us in a positive light to others as well as builds our own self-esteem. If we want something to happen, we need to make it happen. That is what initiative is all about. Take opportunities and run with them. Do not let excuses cause you to miss out on amazing opportunities. See what you want, believe what you want, and make it happen.
With our “Seeing and Taking Initiative” workshop, the class participants will learn what initiative is, how to take it on, the advantages of it, and when to know one’s place. By enrolling in this class, participants will be taking the first step in making something positive happen for them! Now that is initiative!