06 Oct 2020

The Ripple Effect!

my sincerest sympathies to all of those who have been directly affected by the corona crisis and thanks to those who have stepped up to support their organizations & clientele by telecommuting during this crisis despite the warnings of the clear & present danger which the world cared less, the show must go on; and when it comes to leading your organization through the Coronavirus cycle, we need not be reminded that doing nothing is not an option and most importantly unsustainable.
As nicely put by #MISK, our world today faces a set of great challenges threatening our collective prosperity, the safety of our environment, and the future of our youth. These challenges, if examined at a macro-level appear daunting and impossible to approach, but if we as individuals slightly altered our daily lives to generate impact, no matter how small, we can create a ripple of change that reaches every corner of our world.
Here’s the Ripple Effect I have envisioned entitled ‘The English Movement’ The idea will propagate the usage of English in all everyday activities so as to improve an individual’s spoken English and bring to a near native level followed by the same to improve the English writing skills. The idea will emphasize on how dropping everything to speaking English will help the masses prosper.  This I would like to move by implementing the most informal methodologies including English videos, literature snippets, vocabulary flashcards clips and scripts from the Hollywood movies who the masses have a fancy for.  The project will utilize available resources and historic content without the need to create new content, data and/or media etc as sustainability will be the quintessential aspect throughout the movement. The movement is aimed at most directly influencing the masses come together on a platform comprising of a common language that all can understand.  English could easily be adapted as the common ground and I believe sustainability is one of its characteristics.
Additionally, I foresee a link between English & Sustainable Development via the use of the common language towards imparting the right kind of training. The training can be given to the masses in the areas of personality development, business etiquettes at both the individual as well as the institutional level, to strengthen the link between the theory & practice, students who study text material by publishers such as McGraw Hill without having a grip on their English language and projects to empower the minorities. It is my belief that the mentioned soft areas applied on a common platform in a wider context is bound to speed up sustainable development.
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