The Company:

READ Academy Pvt. Ltd. (READ) is an Indian Company registered in the city of Hyderabad, India under Corporate Identity Number: U80212AP2013PTC086145,  with an office located in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The company is a newly established limited liability corporation formed under the laws of the state of Telangana, Government of India.

READ academy is Social Institution that came into being to regulate the behavior of individuals in the realm of education and training and to ensure the transmission and cultivation of knowledge, abilities and specialized skills correlates to the needs of the society.  Areas of focus include Managing Complexity and Sustainable Development.


READ was established with the sole intention to promote Sustainable Development. All of our course workshops & services aim to achieve sustainable human development and continuity of benefit for the beneficiary groups. Our areas of expertise include Soft Skills training, Financial Management, Operational audit, Project Management, Strategic Planning & Strategy Implementation and Islamic Finance.

Our focus embodies a Systems Approach towards bridging the gap between the Have’s & Have-nots through seminars for enhancing business skills and qualifications rooted in individuals as well as institutions. Our strong belief in soft systems methodology as opposed to the hard systems methodology is based on our understanding of systems thinking and its application. In essence, we think systemically, believe in epistemologies & sustainable development and will cater to your business in a holistic way.


READ Academy’s objectives include:
• The creation of a unique, upscale, innovative environment that will differentiate READ from other coaching or professional development businesses.
• Educating the business community on what business and strategic coaching has to offer. A systems approach to business consulting and management of operations.


To bring to mind & reiterate the subsistence of the word READ and in so doing create a sustainable future by making the mankind of all types READ.


Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the human capital through sustainable human education and to thereby thrive a new era of development, growth and productivity in an all-inclusive manner especially for those have-nots, under-privileged and minorities with a focus on the women gender.   Keys to Success:

1. Excellence in fulfilling the READ promise–completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and information.
2. Engage with the domain of sustainable development and appreciate other’s perspectives on sustainable development.
3. Usage of state-of-the-art facility and the READ learning systems.
4. Complementary & seasoned advisory team.

Competitive Edge

READ will follow a differentiation strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in the professional development & consulting industry. Client service will be our focus throughout as READ believes that client satisfaction is the best source of sustained competitive advantage. Our services may provide development, lectures and consult for the contractual period but relationship with the client will be of a permanent nature with an open door policy forever in the area of counseling & advisory.

Sustainable development is the reason for the existence of READ Academy. READ will engage in a low-cost leadership strategy while maintaining a suitable level of quality.

Corporate Citizenship:

We are committed to the highest ethical and governance standards in the industry. READ will be a model exemplified ‘Moral Agency’ with high regard for the social responsibility and will remain steadfast to stand ethically defensible. Our values and principles help us on our journey towards sustainable development. By living according to our defined corporate value, we can meet the current needs of our society and stakeholders, thus protecting, sustaining and enhancing  human capital for the future.

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