Shah_PicShah M. Siddiqui – Soft Skills Trainer & Business Faculty:  Based in Riyadh, Shah has over 20 years of experience in the area of management sciences with extensive experience in financial management, strategic planning, organizing, presenting, communication, contract negotiation, and Islamic Finance. As a faculty, Shah has taught courses in economics, finance & information systems at Roosevelt University & East-West University in Chicago, Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Daral Uloom University & and Arab Open University in Riyadh. Shah promotes personal development courses – referred to as Soft Skills and believes that sustainability is one of its many characteristics. Due to Shah’s long association with organizational strategy, he firmly believes that all managerial actions should have strategy, as the driving force for the goal of an organizational structure is to support the implementation of the chosen strategy. Shah’s lectures imply this unique concept to create the required permanence among the different modules and thereby consistently impressing upon strategy as the common link.

Shah is a passionate trainer with excellent communication skills and a total commitment to the learning and development of participants. He currently teaches business courses including soft skills methodology (SSM), conducts auditing & management training programs for various organizations. His strong believe in Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) as opposed to the Hard Systems Methodology (HSM) for managing organizational complexity is based on his understanding of Systems Thinking and its application.

Shah has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Gulbarga University in India, an MBA from Heller College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL, USA and an extensive post-masters work in Humanities & Social Sciences at the Center for Middle-Eastern Studies & South Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago in Chicago, IL, USA. With an engineering background plus an MBA in finance coupled with his extensive postgraduate qualifications in humanities, Shah can efficiently crack between the Soft & the Hard Methods – and thereby bringing in Systemicity to the process of enquiry. He is thereby well positioned to add measurable value to the human capital at any viable organization.